Peacock Books & Wildlife Art by Lisa Loucks-Christenson  Our sister store: Silver Lake Books is 8 blocks north with over 75K books, on two floors (second floor is closed temporarily for development)

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Peacock Books and Wildlife Art at the Kahler Grand Hotel

Peacock Books and Wildlife Art at the Kahler Grand Hotel

Location: We are in Shop #1, in the hotel lobby, next to the Lord Essex.

Hours: Until the Coronavirus is no longer a threat to our health, we are operating at our main store located at Silver Lake Books, 903 6th St. NW, Rochester, MN  55901, and during select hours at the Peacock Books store, or by appointment. You can order any time and we can deliver, usually, the same day for orders placed before 3PM.

Our online store with live operators service is open 24/7.

Other hours are reserved for Lisa's writing, publishing, photo sessions, documentaries, radio shows, client consultations and order pickups.

To make an appointment outside our retail hours: Call (888) 983-3085 toll free. 


Diversity: Our clients are worldwide, we have wonderful friends from every nationality, we love to meet new people and learn about their culture.

Purchasing: All purchasing decisions are from pitches. Having a conversation or replying to your email does NOT imply a contract offer or pending agreement or relationship.  All VOR have a call-in number and pin.

You can mail your pitch to our corporate office: Buyers @ Loucks Studios, Inc., P.O. Box 9177, Rochester, MN 55903 or 1224 Eastgate Drive SE, #9177, Rochester, MN 55904. Loucks Studios, Inc. does not purchase outside photography, all work in the story is an archive of Lisa Loucks-Christenson's Lifetime Work.

*Loucks Studios, Inc. stores sells exclusive books in our stores by Lisa Loucks-Christenson, Lisa's wildlife art, Lisa's cards, photos, and portraiture work. These works are not for sale except in the Loucks Studios, Inc. network. 

Loucks Studios, Inc. Does Not:

1. Offer any consignment programs

2. Publish authors

3. Buy art or wildlife art by other artists (this gallery is named and branded  promoted entirely as Lisa Loucks-Christenson's lifetime work.

4. If you want to hire Lisa as a consultant for your project or idea you have, please book this online or call to set up a time. Please don't show up expecting to have Lisa's time to discuss a project.

5. All artwork in the racks, and in the spinner racks is for sale, but the gallery display prints are not, these are part of rotating collections and exhibits and are original prints. Some prints or similar prints can be made from these by Lisa

6. Lisa creates her own art from her collection of lifetime images. Lisa then hand colors, paints, and frames her own work for sale to her clients specifications. Lisa doesn't  have the time to print, package, frame or matte other creators work, her time is limited to her own clients. 

7. Loucks Studios, Inc. doesn't use volunteers, we contract out our vendors.

8. Unless you have an assigned vendor number, no contractual relationship or working relationship exists between Loucks Studios, Inc. and you or your company.

9. Authors claiming to be an author, are not. Loucks Studios, Inc. has never contracted outside authors. (we mention this because some websites have published false information about our company). If you believe you are an author, please provide your assigned contract call-in number and extension used by our secured network.

8. We can't accept donations, gifts, or tips.