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Peacock Books & Wildlife Art™ offers our internationally-served publishing houses' new titles and backlist titles in our showroom. Along with our books, ebooks, and personalized books for sale; we offer the exclusive catalog of books, art, photos, hand-colored prints, and original art by #1 International Bestselling Award-Winning Author, Illustrator and Photographer, Lisa Loucks-Christenson. 

It seems to come as a surprise that the pandemic is still hitting our downtown, wiping out our downtown businesses, we've continued to operate this store location as our time allows. We operate by appointment or chance. When you book your appointment, you will be screened for Covid. 

Lisa's worked hard, running between her stores so our guests have the opportunity to browse her artwork and photos, and purchase her work and the hand-curated NYT and USA Today Bestsellers and other books we choose to sell.  

If you stopped by and we aren't at the store and you want to buy a book or piece of art, please call (888) 983-3085, visit our main store, or please stop by again. 

CUSTOMERS WHO ARE UPSET WE AREN'T OPEN ALL HOURS: (like the other shops who've survived)

Our  business has been changed by the pandemic.

Look down the hall, you can see  signage for spaces for rent. Many of these  businesses aren't open or have closed, permanently. We didn't cause this. The pandemic did.  We've chosen to keep our store and change our schedule, one that changes daily. Please book an appointment to browse for 15 minutes, or order online.  It's how we are operating. 

Our family is at high risk. So customers visiting from all over the country, some with mask mandates, others states without one, puts our family at risk. We made decisions to operate as we do for reasons beyond our control. 

We are a publishing house bookstore. When we aren't in the store, we're on appointments, in consultations, trade shows, and working on new books and art. 

We are open for appointments at this store Monday through Friday, before 10:30AM and after 7PM.  If you want an appointment outside these hours, we're happy to schedule at our main store.



*IF YOU ARE SICK, have Covid or been exposed to it, do NOT make an appointment for us to meet or come inside.

*Guests who aren't wearing masks are not allowed inside our stores. No exceptions. 

*One party or two different parties are allowed in the store at one time for up to 15 minutes.

*Please limit your time in the store for shopping. We miss talking too!

*No Soliciting. We are not making decisions on purchases at this store. Send in an email, if our team is interested, we'll reach out. 

*We used to offer pop-in book signings. We can no longer do this with the pandemic. 



We are thankful for your past business. We understand this isn't how the store used to operate. When the Corona Virus hit, we had to adapt to keep our family safe with a family member fighting cancer.  We didn't create the Corona Virus, we didn't put the mandates on our business's operation, but because of it, we can only operate by appointment. 

Our hours fluctuate throughout the year depending on Lisa's availability. For over 35 years, customers have made appointments to meet with Lisa for their consultations,  photo shoots, photo decor, picture and art selections. This gallery offers for sale, solely, the work of Lisa Loucks-Christenson, and the publishing house offers books they publish or are picked by us to sell. 

When Lisa's not at this store, she's working at her editorial office, working on a podcast, animation, writing, publishing, and creating her books, art, and wildlife documentaries.  

Please make an appointment to visit. With limited standing room, we are limited in the number of customers we can allow in during the pandemic. 

We are open 24/7 by phone and can offer same day appointments, like we have for over a year.

We understand that you want us open and don't want to make appointments, but we are a showroom store with limited public access. 

Order Online or Call (888) 983-3085 to place an order 
We're happy to take your order, package the book(s), and have them delivered. Art and photos are only available by appointment. 


Call and order the book you want on our site.

Visit us at our sister store, Silver Lake Books™, one mile north on Broadway. 507-512-3074. 11-7PM Monday-Saturday, Noon to 5 on Sunday.




Hours are by chance or appointment until the Covid-19 virus is no longer a threat. 

If you need assistance, want to purchase a book in the showroom window or our display case call us at: (888) 983-3085. 

When do I need an appointment? 

To make a purchase outside hours we are not at the location 

Photo Session at the Kahler or on location

Publishing Session 

Creating a personalized book for your loved one

Business Consultation

During appointment times the store will not be open to the public. 





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